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Subject: Frames vrs no-frames
Dear Sirs and Madams:
An adjustment to frames to bring them to expectation:
frame src=address, where address={} [may] be a blank, as you have 
but, where src is absent altogether [must] be the default self-same 
for example
when a calling document specifies doc.html#middle, both frames-agile and 
nonframes browsers must handle the case properly - specifically, the 
document should appear at the name=middle anchor [high as possible 
which means the frames-agile browser must feed-through the #middle 
which is only possible if src is absent, not merely null-valued: as 
must act as an override to the calling-document's requested #middle.
I've more to say, but I note that noframes ought also be a parameter 
the frame element to disable subsequent deeper framing [like outlines 
oft displayed only two or three levels deep on a given document] ....
I'll also say that it is not clear how you distinguish /frameset, body, 
noframes, unless you intend to have some portion of body rendered as I 
explained above, and some portions within the body not rendered when 
And furthermore, NetScape and MSIE, having implemented frames without 
finishing touches, should 'fix' their browsers to send a terminate 
to the server [especially on 28.8K modems] upon recent of {noframes, 
Amazingly I have detected rendering in the thin line of the border on 
unless noframes is specified ....
I'd have wanted originally the possibility to include a frameset into 
header of an existing document to enhance itself with additional 
pointers and banners ... compatibility is not cheap nor expensive: it's 
Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry
[also posted Deprecate Frames reentrancy by 
or one of my mailmasher accounts ... long story: mailmasher's not 
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