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Sat, 21 Jun 1997 17:01:01 -0400

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Date: Sat, 21 Jun 1997 17:01:01 -0400
From: Jordan Reiter <>
Subject: Re: [Announce] New archives for www-html

Oops.  What a moron I am, still.  Here's the message I *meant* to forward:

>Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 11:48:37 -0400
>To: scott raymond <>
>From: Jordan Reiter <>
>Subject: Re: [Announce] New archives for www-html
>>Speaking of historic email, my favorite message is by marca, with the
>>subject "proposed new tag: IMG". It's because of that tag that the web
>>became what it is today, imho. (and therefore the reason most of us have
>>the jobs we do...)
>I checked over that message, and looked at a response to that:
>>I have something very similar in Midas 2.0 (in use here at SLAC, and due for
>>public release any week now), except that all the names are different,
>>and it
>>has an extra argument NAME="name". It has almost exactly the same
>>functionality as your proposed IMG tag. e.g.
>How about it, folks?  Wouldn't it make sense to add a NAME attribute to
>the IMG tag?  I can see several great uses for this, particularly in
>automating the process of making sure icons are understandable and
>readable across browsers, platforms, monitor resolutions, languages, etc.
>Of course, this could also be solved by the graphical entites (&iconname;).

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