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Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 14:19:49 -0700
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Subject: Re: Subject line in Mailto forms

At 11:10a -0400 06/20/97, Jordan Reiter wrote:
 > At 1:30 AM -0400 6/16/97, Joel N. Weber II wrote:
 > >I think that I would avoid writing any subject at all.  I tend to
 > >prefer avoiding features which don't degrade gracefully.
 > >
 > >I also tend to ignore subjects so much that I don't really care what
 > >they say...
 > That's what I feel to be the real issue here.  Do we need it at all?  It
 > should just be kept, in my opinion, as another optional yet trivial feature
 > of Netscape, the same way the dreadful <MARQUEE> tag was on IE.  If a

Do you think browsers are the only place URLs are used? These days, URLs are

 > company or organization wants to assign an exclusive *subject* of sorts,
 > another more elegant solution is simply to get another e-mail address,
 > where the address itself implies the subject.  Hence, instead of:
 > 	<A HREF="">
 > 	<A HREF="">
 > you would simply use:
 > 	<A HREF="">
 > 	<A HREF="">

The most important use for extended mailtos is for mailing lists. The
following real example is from an existing application:

X-List-Software: LetterRip 1.1 by Fog City Software, Inc.

The headers are added to every email message sent via the listserv.

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