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Mon, 16 Jun 97 8:05 +0200

Date:     Mon,  16 Jun 97 8:05 +0200
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From: David Rashty +972-2-6584848 <RASHTY@WWW4.HUJI.AC.IL>
To: Doron Shikmoni <P85025@VM.BIU.AC.IL>,
Subject:  Re: Fwd: Re: Israeli HTML Standard

> You should note that leaving Visual ordering as "non-standard current
> practice" is not making current implementations "illegal" or otherwise
> unusable. Visual ordering has never been "standard" in any specification,

According to RCF 1555/6 which deal with Email messages in Hebrew, Visual order
is one of the standard ways to display Hebrew. and as adpoted it used in
Electronic mail as the standard.

> We all realize that Visual ordering of bidirectional text will stay with
> us for a considerable amount of time. At the same time we need to recognize
> that it is an interim solution, and by no means a final goal.

I agree that it is not the final goal. but I haven't heard any solution to the
problem which arise from the fact that most of the users that does not have an
OS that support Logical will not be able to view this pages. non of the major
browser supports BIDI regardless of the OS.
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