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I understand that you got the idea from one of the members of the =
committee that the Visual will not be a "valid option" for the HTML =
standard for Hebrew. It is true in the sense that it will be mentioned =
as an option that exists in the field but is not a part of the standard. =

One of the goals of the committee is to steer to directions that will =
benefit the Israeli public. If all the browsers will comply to the =
logical standard it will be much better for us all. So, we are trying to =
make it happen.=20

This is not to say that the other implementations will be "illegal". =
They will be only "non-standard". People from abroad, people with =
english browsers, etc. will always have the option to use visual if they =
want to. Sites should offer both options if they want people to be happy =
and to cover the maximum of users.

One happy day, in the UNICODE future of things, software coming from the =
states will be able to have logical seamlessly.  Until then we, as the =
Israel Bureau of Standards, should try to give a good framework for the =
future years.

Best Regards,

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Subject:  Fwd: Re: Israeli HTML Standard


Most Hebrew web pages in Israel are still using Visual ordering =
This is mainly because the browsers for the Implicit ordering are =
missing ;
Visual is what work best for all. If the standard will not allows using
Visual ordering (ISO-8859-8) as a possibility it mean that only in =
people that have a Hebrew Version of the operating system will be able =
view this pages. Currently there are many people outside Israel who =
Hebrew pages on the web and do not have a Hebrew version of the =

I do agree that Visual ordering of bidirectional text is *not* the best =
to go. However, for the current time until the Unicode standard will be =
dominant and all pages will be using it, the only way to view Hebrew all =
the world is by using the Visual ordering, with all the difficulties =
comes with it.

Most Hebrew web pages use this order not because it is easier to write =
this way but since they are aware of the problems that comes with the =
order. There are some companies in Israel, *with large interest in this
market*  that tries to shift the market to use the Logical order and the =
is that more and more *new* web sites are coming up with the Visual =

I think that the HTML standard *must* include the Visual standard
(ISO-8859-8) as one of the valid options to create HTML pages and =
appose to ignore it.

Sincerely Yours,

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