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Still, there's basically no way to produce attractive, printable reports
on the Web.

Any document worth reading on a browser is worth printing.

The only serious problem with the printablility of reports is the
concept of paging.

With pages, there is no need to know about paper size/margins or
fonts...because it
then becomes possible for a browser to intelligently attempt to "fit
each page". 

Secondary problems are paper size, headers and footers.

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>> If your suggesting that browsers should be configurable to force a "page
>> on a level one header I would agree completely.  I could even deal with a 
>I disagree. I (and many others) use H1 on top as a title for the 
>main-document or group of documents name and H2 for the main 
>sections.  A forced page-break would leave a blank page on top, which 
>would confuse and turn off a lot of web-surfers.
>> "force new page" tag although I suspect it will end up being grossly
>It *will* be misused.
>Better off leavng the use of page breaks along with the handling of
>widows and orphans to style-sheets.
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