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Wed, 30 Jul 1997 03:07:08 -0500

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Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 03:07:08 -0500
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Subject: Re: HTML 4 text.html#h-7.3.3

At 11:15 AM -0500 07-29-1997, Brian Kelly wrote:
>Would it be worth splitting the draft into a number of separate,
>independently maintained documents, such as:
> o HTML 4 spec - aimed at software vendors.  Provides a rigourous
>   specification, and examples to highlight exceptions.  Avoids
>   motivation and design principles.
> o HTML 4 for information providers.  Aimed at providing the understanding of
>   HTML 4 needed by HTML authors.  Provides motivation on why HTML 4
>   is needed, and the underyling design principles.
This would be excellent, especially since it could separate out some of the
more technical and confusing information, such as DTD.  People like being
given clear boundaries, where it isn't so fuzzy about what is happening.
Tell them, "Your document *must* contain a doctype declaration" in <plain
English> (to use a somewhat limiting yet contextually accurate term), and
they'll be more likely to put it in.

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