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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 11:54:33 -0500
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At 3:01 AM -0500 07-29-1997, Lars Eighner wrote:
>1.  Is the sentence "The organization of information into
>paragraphs is not affected by how the paragraphs are presented:
>paragraphs that are double-justified contain the same thoughts as
>those that are left-justified," meant to be universal in its
>application, or does it apply to some more restricted domain
>such "documents in HTML."   If it is meant to be less than
>universal, why isn't it qualified in some way?
>2.  If it is meant to be universal, is its basis in doctrine
>or in evidence?  If this is meant to be a summary of some body
>of evidence, wouldn't some reference to this material be in
>3.  Is there any conceivable evidence that could disprove this
>statement?  This is not the question of whether any contrary
>evidence exists, it is the question of whether this statement
>could be contradicted by any conceivable evidence.  Is this a
>question that could be resolved by science, or is it a matter
>of faith?
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