Re: Images and formatting of lists, keywords in <a>

Kjetil Kjernsmo (
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 11:17:14 +0200 (MET DST)

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 11:17:14 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Kjetil Kjernsmo <>
Subject: Re: Images and formatting of lists, keywords in <a>
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On Mon, 28 Jul 1997, Jordan Reiter wrote:

>At 9:08 AM -0500 07-28-1997, Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:
>>I feel it is a little awkward to do it this way, and I would like to
>>have	1.	4.	7.
>>	2.	5.	8.
>>	3.	6.	9.
>>as well.
>This is a formatting problem on *your* end.  You're probably doing
>something along the lines of:

[two examples deleted]
I did both. 

>In addition, there are now new options in HTML 4.0 that allow the division
>of a table into columns.


>But of course, all of these are visual rather than structural uses of HTML,
>which is not encouraged. 

Which is exactly why I feel these solutions are very awkward. From the
relatively small amount of reading I did, I got the impression allowing
things to happen with structural use of HTML was what people aimed at? 

>Finally, Netscape 3.0+ offers <MULTICOL>, which allows you to divide a
>section of text into columns automatically.

Huh? I thought I would never get that answer in this group....

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