Re: pronounce (was: "ACRONYM"?)

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Mon, 28 Jul 1997 16:45:28 -0700

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Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 16:45:28 -0700
From: Walter Ian Kaye <>
Subject: Re: pronounce (was: "ACRONYM"?)

At 7:30p -0400 07/28/97, Gregory Martin Pfeil wrote:
 > Here's my personal idealist idea.  Why bother with pronunciation and
 > massive text-to-speech dictionaries?  There is an option that will
 > eliminate both of these while raising the general education of surfers.
 > The language of the web should switch from English to Esperonto.
 > Imagine the ease-of-use - completely phonetic

But not all existing words exist in Esperanto, so they would still need
to be transliterated. And not all existing phonemes exist in Esperanto,
so we would still need something like IPA.

But hey, any chance to plug Esperanto, eh? Go for it! <G>

-baha'i boo

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