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Tue, 15 Jul 1997 10:08:23 +0200

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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 10:08:23 +0200
From: Gestion et Diffusion Informatique SA <>
Subject: Page Break

Hello there,

Our problem is the following:

Is it possible to control page breaks in HTML.=20
Of course we only need it while printing pages.
Our main Problem is that we don't know in advance the length of a page (we
are using dynamic PL/SQL and OWS 2.0).
Is there a HTML TAG or maybe some trick...

We thought of various solutions but none of them was really satisfactory:

- The use of a transparent gif in a table column to set the page width.
- Setting the correct font in order to be able to calculate the page length.

All this kind of tricks can be bypassed with the Browser settings, or are
Printer dependent.

Actually what we really need is a page break TAG, does this exist???


Fran=E7ois Savary

PS: We are trying to avoid to produce a document in an other format, (e.g.
Word, PS or PDF...) what we have already done but which is heavy procedure.
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