Re: Logical/Contextual elements

scott raymond (
Thu, 10 Jul 97 16:56:07 -0600

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Subject: Re: Logical/Contextual elements
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 97 16:56:07 -0600
From: scott raymond <>
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>    A person's name. Tells indexers not to stem proper names. Can
>    also include LANG for pronunciation, a link to more information
>    on this person,E-mail,  etc. Useful for building an index.  Possibly
>    adding attributes to note if person is AUTHOR or CONTRIBUTOR
>    to the document etc.

The PERSON element makes a lot of sense. Has it been suggested before? As 
Rob suggested, there would be many very useful attrubutes that the PERSON 
element could have. A link to the persons homepage, email, directory 
information, perhaps even picture.

Most likely the UA would not even display the element differently, but it 
would provide a lot of useful logical information.