Re: My humble comments on the HTML 4.0 draft

Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor (
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 12:13:23 -0400 (EDT)

Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 12:13:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor" <>
To: Dave Raggett <>
Subject: Re: My humble comments on the HTML 4.0 draft
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On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Dave Raggett wrote:

> On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor wrote:
> I suspect that as currently specified its better to place the
> lang attribute on the HTML start tag rather than on HEAD.

Oops, That is what I meant to write. <HTML lang=en-CA>  Sorry.

> The HTTP Content-language header says something different.
> It lists the langauges used in the document as a basis
> for selecting a document that matches the user's preferred
> language. We therefore recommend the document uses the
> lang attribute to specify the language for each part of
> the document. The simplest course is to place it on the
> HTML start tag e.g.
>     <HTML lang=fr>

I understand the difference between character sets and languages.  So are
you saying that if I use a couple of languages in my document, I should
include them all in my Meta tag and then mark each section appropriately
inside the document?
> My apologies. The Tuesday draft failed to include the most upto
> date version of the revelant file in which this was cleared up.
> Basically, both "previous" and "prev" are used and are essentially
> interchangeable.

Sorry, My main point of confusion was the use of REV in rev=prev.  I was
quite sure that the proper use was REL, so it would be rel=prev.  In fact
as I understood it if document A comes before document B then the
previous document for B is A, and B is A's next document, so ideally you'd
put the following in document B: 
<LINK rel=prev rev=next HREF="A">

Then there is the use of SRC instead of HREF in the HTML specifications
source.  That seems completely wrong. (Do you guy's validate your HTML?

> My original hope was for a cleaner separation between HTML and
> scripting. In most cases, scripting usually assumes that the
> document is being viewed on a GUI browser. There are exceptions,
> e.g. for verifying form fields where onchange is meaningful.
> Declarative representations for document components makes sense
> but market forces have led us away from this.

Darn market forces.  They are going to get themselves in trouble in the
long run. ;-)

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