Re: <BODY>, <FRAMESET> and <NOFRAMES> in MSIE 3.0 and

Charles Peyton Taylor (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 09:55:24 -0800

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Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 09:55:24 -0800
From: Charles Peyton Taylor <>
Subject:  Re: <BODY>, <FRAMESET> and <NOFRAMES> in MSIE 3.0 and 

>>> Peter Flynn <> 01/27/97 02:40pm >>>
>   Using the Corel Visual DTD thingie, I've been looking at 
>I'm not familiar with you have a name and details?

If you install Corel Office with WordPerfect and the SGML 
option, you get a program called Corel Visual DTD, which 
lets you visually look at a DTD, which each tag showing up 
as a box. For the HTML DTD, you start off with just the HTML 
Box, but if you click that you get boxes marked HEAD, BODY, 
and PLAINTEXT off to the right, and so on throughout the DTD.

There have been some weird things that have happened using it, 
(for example, TT showing up outside of HTML in the HTML DTD) 
but I'm not sure if that's my fault or the program's fault 

>   This is the HTML Pro model of frames:

>   Notice that <NOFRAMES> contains <BODY> and is at an equal 
>   depth as <FRAMESET>
>That's correct. I added the BODY, but it could be made optional.
>The concept of NOFRAMES _following_ FRAMESET is as Netscape
>originally defined it (inasmuch as they "defined" anything at all).

I think that adding the body is a good thing, as it 
allows you to use attributes of the body tag that are 
in HTML 3.2. (which earlier broswers may, or may not 

>   The IE 3.0 DTD seems to go this way:


>This is utterly nonsensical, as the objective of NOFRAMES is for it
>to be a separate part of the document, outside any framing material.
>I think MS has made a glaring error here by grossly misunderstanding
>the nature of NOFRAMES. Either that, or they are just being
>deliberately obtuse and trying to be different from Netscape.

Well, they were different from Netscape just by 
releasing a DTD, weren't they? ;) 

Actually, after reading the Netscape web page on Frame 
basics [1] I find that the Netscape way is to include 
<NOFRAMES> inside the FRAMESET. They say "within the 
FRAMESET you can only have other nested FRAMESET tags, 
FRAME tags, or the NOFRAMES tag. "



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