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Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 06:32:26 GMT
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First of all.  Look at What?!!!!  This is not your personal sounding board.
And this was absolutely NOT important in my life so don't say EVERYBODY

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997 21:15:27 -0500 (EST), OpeDog wrote:

>>> OpeDog <> 01/14/97 04:53am >>>
>>>Ummm, ok, no problem, what's a style sheet and what is CSS1???? maybe
>>>that will clear this up.
>Charles Peyton wrote
>>>>You can find out about style sheets at:

>>>>This mailing list is "for technical discussion" and really 
>>>>isn't a how-to kind of place. 
>So I'm just not asking the right kind of questions? Or would you mind
>what you mean by "how-to."

I will make it very clear for you.  This is not a question type mailing
list.  Do you have ANY question about "how to" do ANYTHING HTML related?
Then do NOT ask it here.  Go to one of the newsgroups related to HTML, or
buy a book or something or one of the other resources listed right here:

>>>>If I were you, I would browse both the W3C web site ( 
>>>>and a how to place like webmonkey ( or the Web 
>>>>Design Group's reference section ( to learn 
>>>>more about the web. The newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html 
>>>>is also a good source sometimes.

>If one does not know anything about a current "technical discussion," would
>it not be easiest for that to ask someone here (on the mailing list)? And
>even if it inconvienances that person (as it sounds like I'm doing in your
>case), or persons on the mailing list, do they have to reply?

NO!  IT WOULD NOT!  This is not that forum.  I get about 100 emails a day,
and I am not a member of this list to answer your technical support
questions.  This list is for expert discussion of HTML issues relating to
the W3C.

>>>>>This isn't just directed at you, 
>yeah right.

>>>>there have been several "how do I" type messages on this list,
>by all means, name them, I'm curious.

What is wrong with you?  Making a suggestion like that?  What do you expect
people to do... undelete all the trash mail generated from people sending
crap to our mail boxes?  You are NOT the only one, so don't feel so

>>>>and that's not what this list is for (at least as I interpret it).

>Allow me to apologize for any inconvienances I have put you (Charles
>Peyton), or anyone in this mailing list in by asking "how-to" questions or
>not contributing to "technical discussions." Again, my apologies.

This apology seems rather sarcastic to me after reading the tone of the
rest of the letter so that is how I will take it.  That being the case, I
hope that other people read this and think twice before using this
discussion forum as a place to ask questions.  If you want to learn here,
then just do it by reading what is being written.
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