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Mon, 13 Jan 1997 18:12:04 -0800

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Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 18:12:04 -0800
From: Walter Ian Kaye <>
Subject: Re: New tags. (fwd)

At 5:08p -0800 01/13/97, MegaZone wrote:
 > Once upon a time OpeDog shaped the electrons to say...
 > >Hey, don't you guys think <indent> is a good idea?  Or how about in
 > Use a table.
 > I'd like to see something like <P indent=[size]> where you can set the
 > indent on the first line of a paragraph.  Though I suppose the CSS1 crowd
 > is going to jump in and say that belongs in style sheets.

I find it interesting that while IE3 reads style sheets, MS's FrontPage
does not even generate them. Ah well; FP, PM, and CHP pale in comparison
to Symantec's new Visual Page <>. Finally someone
did it right! I checked it out at Macworld Expo, and glad I did. :)

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