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At 02:22 AM 1/7/95 +0700, Sugiarto Ming wrote:
>hello, is that true that HTML 1.0 shown at April 6, 1995.

The first public showing of the Web, including HTML (but probably not called
1.0!) was at the Third ACM Conference on Hypertext, San Antonio, December
1991.  The presenter was a young fellow named Tim Berners-Lee.

>Who is the first
>people that have the idea about HTML ??

Take a look at

One correction, though, that I just noticed.  This item (from 1994
chronology) is wrong:

>     Marc Andreessen and colleagues leave NCSA to form "Mosaic
Communications Corp" (now Netscape)

Marc left NCSA to join Enterprise Integration Technologies (EIT) in Palo
Alto; Mosaic Communications arose a few months later.  As I recall, his
first e-mail upon arrival was to ask where he could buy the New York Times
at 1 or 2 in the morning.

> and where i can get all the specification from HTML 1.0 until HTML 3.2 ??

I'm sure some else knows this one better.

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