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Thu, 18 Dec 1997 16:22:44 -0500

Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 16:22:44 -0500
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=7FJohn Evans felt an urge to reveal at 11:28 AM -0000 on 12/18/97:

> I was wondering if someone can tell me how to get a sound file to open
>after an image downloads.  I really don't want to make the viewer download
>a plugin. I am hoping that the answer will be a line in the code.
> If someone knows that answer or thinks they do, or wants to see the page
>it will go on please e-mail me at

This is NOT a mailing list for HTML problems.  It is a mailing list to
discuss issues relating to HTML specification, and standardization.  If you
have authoring difficulties, there are many newsgroups and mailing lists
which can offer you assistance.

Try, which has a searchable catalog of mailing lists.
A cursory search showed a listing of 66 different e-mail discussion groups
using the search term "html"--you can sort through them yourself. :-)

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