Re: Comments on HTMl 4 draft (9/Nov/1997)

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Tue, 16 Dec 1997 22:51:34 CST

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Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 22:51:34 CST
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Subject: Re: Comments on HTMl 4 draft (9/Nov/1997)

> Neil St.Laurent wrote:
> ...
> > B and I seem so natural and so often used to get rid of them would be
> > dangerous.  Italics / Bold isn't always meant to draw special
> > attention, or to put emphasis on, but often meant to just be
> > different from the other text.
> Why not deprecate all of them? (read: relegate to CSS where
> they belong)
> Seems to me that would further the laudable goal of
> separation of 
> presentation from structure.

This issue has been raised repeatedly, and people keep coming
up with examples from specific types of writing where the 
conventions of style dictate the use of italics or bold,
specifically, not some sort of generic emphasis.

If only CSS were used for this purpose, the text would not
degrade gracefully for non-CSS browsers. When stylesheet
support is universal, this may become a moot point, but
it is not now.

    Albert Lunde