Re: Logo for user-friendly/browser-friendly/scalable pages

Jordan Reiter (
Fri, 29 Aug 1997 16:12:18 -0400

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 16:12:18 -0400
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To: Walter Ian Kaye <>
From: Jordan Reiter <>
Subject: Re: Logo for user-friendly/browser-friendly/scalable pages

At 12:04 AM -0000 8/29/97, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
>At 3:49p -0500 08/28/97, Charles E. Carroll wrote:
> > But I think there's a problem with the Any Browser Initiative as
> > well.  Specifically, with the word "Any."
> > OK, my example is farfetched, but the issue is not.  Lynx doesn't
> > support tables, after all.  Do we eschew tables?  Yes, I know
> > that many tables can be made Lynx-friendly with appropriate use
> > of <br>, <p>, etc., and I do when I can, but 1) there are some tables
> > which are not easily made Lynx-friendly, and 2) since tables are
> > standard HTML, why should we have to write ugly code like that?
>Hmm... I'm getting an idea...
>How about some sort of "geek code" (but not as geeky) where we enumerate
>what the page uses, something like:
>  Level 0: does not use
>  Level 1: optional
>  Level 2: required
>        Y: yes/true
>        N: no/false
>        *: any
>    modifier: "+" = heavy use (cpu-intensive?)
>TBL: tables
>FRM: frames
>IMG: images
>216: non-dithering palette
>JS:  JavaScript
>CK:  cookies
>J:   Java
>WW:  window width

Since, unless you're a truly demonic web author, frames, JavaScript and
Java should *automatically* degrade, and cookies degrade, why not just
stick to what we've already got--the doctype declaration.  I see no reason
why we have to make a big deal about this, anyway.  Simpy ensure that your
content itself is readable by anyone, then worry about formatting
later--right? Right.

People with browsers that do not support recent extensions are probably,
unfortunately, used to pages that *look* crappy.  The least we can do is
let them read the content on the page.  Too many people now are making
pages where the whole darn thing is an image.  In this case, it's just
going to muss things up.

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