Re: YAWB: trying to follow TFM (long reply)

Peter Flynn (
29 Aug 1997 20:39:33 +0100

Date: 29 Aug 1997 20:39:33 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
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To: arafalov@socs.uts.EDU.AU
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Subject: Re: YAWB: trying to follow TFM (long reply)

Alexandre Rafalovitch writes:
   I did not expect it to be treated as tags. I expected them to be treated
   as data characters as by context sensetive rule of SGML (if I understood
   it correctly), if < and </ is not followed by name-start-char it is not
   tag start. So, both NS and MSIE should have displayed <234> foo </234>.
   Same goes for <!, doctype..>, it should be treated as text.

Sorry, I misunderstood: I thought you were trying to get them
recognized as tags. Your interpretation of them as they stand is