Re: In addition to INS and DEL elements: UPD(ated)

Aymeric Poulain Maubant (
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 10:34:28 +0200

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From: Aymeric Poulain Maubant <>
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Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 10:34:28 +0200
Subject: Re: In addition to INS and DEL elements: UPD(ated) 

Peter writes :
> Much better than all these extra elements would be to do like DocBook
> and add a REVISION attribute to every element, with preset values of
> NEW, CHANGED, DELETED, PENDING, etc etc. Then it will work with all
> elements.

Yes indeed, but this would mean deleting INS and DEL from the draft as well.

If w3c agrees that INS and DEL are not sufficient, they have 2 solutions amha:
either adding new tags along INS and DEL, or add this REVISION attribute
which seems much better.

A new generic attribute attributed to P PRE BLOCKQUOTE ADDRESS DIV and SPAN ?

<!--=================== Generic Attributes ===============================-->

<!ENTITY % datedattrs
 "revised     (new|changed|deleted|pending|dated) #IMPLIED -- type of change --
  whyrev      %URL      #IMPLIED   -- info on reason for change --
  fromdate    CDATA     #IMPLIED   -- ISO date format --
  tilldate    CDATA     #IMPLIED   -- ISO date format --

<INS cite="http:.." datetime="">inserted material</INS> will give
<SPAN or <P or <DIV revised=new whyrev="http:.." fromdate="">inserted 

<DEL cite="http:.." datetime="">deleted material</DEL> will give
<SPAN or <P or <DIV revised=deleted whyrev="http:.." tilldate="">deleted

my UPD proposal would give
<SPAN revised=changed whyrev="http:.." fromdate="">updated material</SPAN>

Rob's DATED proposal could be handled as well :

<DATED BEGIN="1997-12-01T08:00:00Z" 
  EXPIRES="1997-12-14T17:00:00Z">Registration begins December 1st
    and ends December 14th.

will give  :

<SPAN revised=dated fromdate="1997-12-01T08:00:00Z" 
  tilldate="1997-12-14T17:00:00Z">Registration begins December 1st
    and ends December 14th.

All these needs are similar and can truly be handled by new attributes

1. new|changed|deleted|pending|dated may not be exhaustive ?
2. whyrev fromdate tilldate may not be well named ?
3. "revised=dated" seems strange. Maybe an other choice for "revised"
(still compatible with new|changed|deleted|pending) or an other choice
for "dated", like temporary or limited ?