Re: A simple Question

GaRgL... (GaRgL@WorldNet.Net)
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 20:03:51 +0200

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From: "GaRgL..." <GaRgL@WorldNet.Net>
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Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997 20:03:51 +0200
Subject: Re: A simple Question

>    I have a very simple question (maybe???)
>    I want from a href tag to be able to send two docs to two different
>    Lets say a menu.html --> menu frame and a main.html --> main frame.
>    Is this possible, and how can I do this???

> You could probably do it with a script, but one of the reasons for XML
> adopting a more complex linking model was explicitly the opportunity
> for multi-ended links.

here's the script


function DoubleUpdate ( First , Second )
  parent.frameone.location.href = First
  parent.frametwo.location.href = Second


you can call it like this <A

oh, by the way, there is a NASTY bug between explorer/navigator...
explorer takes relative links from the point of the frame you want to
update while navigator takes the frame from which you call the script...

if you need precisions, mail me...