What is planned for these attributes?

Wayne Campbell (twaynec@pacbell.net)
Sat, 2 Aug 1997 13:36:55 -0800

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Date: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 13:36:55 -0800
To: www-html@w3.org
From: Wayne Campbell <twaynec@pacbell.net>
Subject: What is planned for these attributes?


I am new to this list. I have checked what archives I could find and
haven't found anything that addresses this, so I am asking here now.

First, I have a JavaScript that requires the use of a NAME attribute in an
IMG tag. This attribute has not been included in any of the W3C DTDs as
yet, and doesn't appear to be in the 4.0 draft yet either.

I know that the attribute is required because I inadvertantly misspelled
the value of the attribute in one of them and it caused the browser (NN
3.01 - Mac) to report a JS error. I tried removing the NAME attribute to
see what it would do and the same error resulted. Re-adding the attribute
with the correct value fixed it.

Is there any plan to add the NAME attribute to 4.0, or is there some reason
for its exclusion?

Second, I have tables that use the WIDTH attribute in the TH and TD tags. I
have noted that the 4.0 draft excludes both the WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes
from these tags. This causes my pages to become invalid under 4.0 when they
were valid under 3.2.

Is it planned to include these attributes in 4.0 as deprecated, or is there
a reason for their exclusion?

Thank you,


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