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Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 02:37:55 -0400
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At 09:12 AM 4/30/97 +0300, Jukka Korpela graced us with:
> Thus, I think it should be make clear whether SUB and SUP are
> intended to be used for stylistic presentation only, and if they
> are, explicitly state that they should not be used for exponents in
> mathematical expressions or in other contexts where it might change
> the meaning of a piece of text if SUB and SUP elements were presented
> as normal text.

For some of the examples you site, such as superscripted exponents,=20
there are entities whose meaning is clear, such as=20

superscript two                      =B2    &#178; --> =B2    &sup2;   --=
> =B2
superscript three                    =B3    &#179; --> =B3    &sup3;   --=
> =B3

cf. <URL:>

What is the status of HTML-Math? All I could find at


was a link to the Sept96 meeting of the HTML-Math SIG...


Whoa! Spoke too soon:


It looks like something is happening here.



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