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Tue, 15 Apr 1997 17:53:27 -0500

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Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 17:53:27 -0500
From: Dan Connolly <>
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Subject: Re: PROFILE as HEAD attribute

Paul Miller wrote:

> Presumably, the DC. prefix model suggested by many for the Dublin Core
> could be called into service here, giving you
> ...
> <META NAME="DC.creator"
> ...
> and
> ...
> <META NAME="ADS.creator"
> where 'ADS' refers to a specific Archaeology Data Service profile that
> would, of course, be fully defined on the ADS website...
> There are issues here of registry, as with SCHEME names, in order to avoid
> 'ADS' being 'Archaeology Data Service' AND 'Alberta Dustbin Systems' or
> the Getty's Art & Architecture Thesaurus scheme being coded as both 'AAT'
> and 'A&AT'...

Quite to the contrary! Recall tha the proposal involved
binding DC to a URL. So the local name "ADS" would be clearly
bound to a global pointer to one organization or the other. No registry
is needed. Or to look at it another way: the registry is
the web.

excerpt from
A Proposed Convention for Embedding Metadata
in HTML. 
Reported by Stuart Weibel ( 
June 2, 1996 


It is judged useful to provide a means for linking to the reference
definition of a schema as well. The proposed convention for doing so is
as follows:

<LINK REL = SCHEMA.schema_identifier HREF="URL">

Thus, the reference description of one metadata scheme, the Dublin
Core Metadata Element Set, would be referenced in the LINK HREF as


See also "Goal: Self-describing information" in:

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