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14 Apr 1997 14:05 EDT

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Date: 14 Apr 1997 14:05 EDT
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Subject: Re: colours for bullets

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> Christopher Kho wrote:
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> > Hey everyone. Is there a way to change the colour of a bullet for an LI in
> > an unordered list without having to use GIFs as a substitute?
> Not in HTML, but you should be able to do this with stylesheets.
> [follow-ups to www-style, please]
> See:
> Hmmm... it's not clear to me that the color of the 'disc' can
> be specified in CSS1.
> Can anybody come up with actual syntax that works?
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No can do with style sheets. I have to make a page that can be used by 
Netscape 3.01, although I am curious to see a solution using style sheets.

I would like to see the LI tag to have a COLOR attribute that would be valid
for all list types. Is there some sort of protocol that needs to be followed
to submit this suggestion to the W3C for future versions of HTML?