Re: A suggested tag

Terje Norderhaug (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 14:43:41 -0800

Message-Id: <af746e0209021004b416@[]>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 14:43:41 -0800
To: Kenneth Christiansen <>,
From: (Terje Norderhaug)
Subject: Re: A suggested tag

At 12:31 PM 4/11/97, Kenneth Christiansen wrote:
>A suggested tag: something like <w>
>Net<w>scape re<w>spects your on<w>line time and [...]
>Tell me what you think or if you have some better ideas,
>let's share them!

A better idea would be a shared dictionary of words and how they are
splitted residing on the network. Then the browsers could download this
automatically and use the listing to split words appropriately as well as
to provide other capabilities. This would save each author to do a lot of
redundant, tedious and boring work in marking up how to split each word.

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