Re: WHICH HTML-CODE is better to use?

Robert Rothenburg 'Walking-Owl' (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 03:27:19 +0000

Message-Id: <>
From: "Robert Rothenburg 'Walking-Owl'" <>
To: Steven Champeon <>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 03:27:19 +0000
Subject: Re: WHICH HTML-CODE is better to use?

On 10 Apr 97 at 10:58, Steven Champeon wrote:
> <a href="">Charlie's
> directory</a>
> If /directory contains a default file, such as "index.html", most
> servers will send back a 302 with the appropriate URL:
> Location:
> <a href="">Charlie's
> directory</a>
> The markup above will actually retrieve the file itself, instead of
> generating a 302. All because of a trailing slash.
> The above is true for Apache, and I would guess for NCSA httpd as
> well. Anyone want to confirm it for me?

I think NCSA will not bother with the 302 and just automatically 
return the default when given a URL like


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