Re: "Mailto" Command

James Berriman (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 01:10:43 +0100

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Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 01:10:43 +0100
To: WWW HTML List <>
From: (James Berriman)
Subject: Re: "Mailto" Command

I find mailto: forms genuinely useful. The real problem with mailto: forms=
 is that there is no default METHOD (or indeed any METHOD) currently defined=
 for the mailto: ACTION.

GET and POST are part of the HTTP spec, which is not intended to cover mail =

Netscape 2.0 onward and MSIE 3.01 on the mac both behave in the same way=
 with a mailto: form (I don't have direct experience with other clients). If=
 you specify a METHOD=3DPOST, then the form-encoded data is placed in the=
 first line of the message body. If you don't specify a METHOD the default=
 is to open a blank message (not much use).

The potential exists to define METHODs relevant to mail transport (and to=
 codify the existing implementation of POST). So for those of us who do want=
 to implement mailto: forms, where is the appropriate forum to discuss this?

( :-])  James