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Mon, 30 Sep 1996 21:55:36 +0100

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Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 21:55:36 +0100
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Subject: Re: Validators
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At 13:38 30/9/96 +0100, Volker Kroll wrote:
> Sorry, it might be a question that was answered for many times, but
> where do I find a validator for my HTML pages, and how does it work? 

You'll find a form at which makes it easy to
validate your pages with the popular services. It also includes links to the
"home" pages of the tools, as well as documentation.  

> Do I have to send my pages to them or simply the URL?

You provide the URL, the tool picks up the page, and sends back the results.

Enjoy.  /Harold
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