Java vs. Plugins (was RE: The Final Word On HTML (fwd))

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Wed, 25 Sep 1996 22:12:44 -0700

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Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 22:12:44 -0700
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Subject: Java vs. Plugins (was RE: The Final Word On HTML (fwd))

At 8:23p -0700 09/25/96, MegaZone wrote:

>What *should* be encouraged is the use of Java and other portable systems
>to do what plugins do today.  The problem with plugins is not that users
>need to get them - which is being solved with auto-download coming from both
>NS and MS - but that you need to write a plugin not for a browser but for
>a browser and platform combination.  I can't use 90%+ of plugins because I
>use SunOS and most of them are for Windows.  If the same functionality was
>done in Java, it would be portable.  Then the task is just to develop a Java
>engine for each platform - a lot simpler than a plugin for each platform.

I have often wondered what criteria developers use when deciding whether to
implement as a plugin or as a Java applet. Are there specific things one can
do in a plugin which cannot be done in a Java applet?

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