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Jonathan Rosenne (100320.1303@CompuServe.COM)
24 Sep 96 01:34:11 EDT

Date: 24 Sep 96 01:34:11 EDT
From: Jonathan Rosenne <100320.1303@CompuServe.COM>
To: "" <>
Subject: Re: end tags...
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Carl Morris wrote:
>I am not saying all end tags are 100% optional ... no no no no... 
>Thats were I guess the HTML designers want to get away from...  All
>other tags are "may be optional" or in my terms at least "may be able
>to be infered"...  the content model of any tag is what defines what
>can be infered...

Many people on this list have suggested that authors either use authoring tools
that produce valid HTML or else validate their pages. 

Humans are normally error prone and "improving" the DTD in this respect will not
make appreciable progress towards making people write what they had intended.

Anyhow, I don't see why we should waste our time on people who insist on hand
coding HTML but are reluctant to learn the rules and when they get it wrong want
to cahnge the rules. After all, suitable tools are available.