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David Perrell (
Mon, 23 Sep 1996 03:12:18 -0700

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From: "David Perrell" <>
To: "Carl Morris" <>, <>
Subject: Re: space
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 03:12:18 -0700

Carl Morris:
> Thanks, I think I remember some of the HTML 3.0 space enities now,
> emsp, ensp ... etc...  They could be usefull ... if a particular
> browser I used supported the EM measurement at all...

If you have a word processor or DTP program that supports thinspace,
try typing in a few multi-sentence paragraphs double-wordspaced between
sentences. Put an abbr. here and there for the sake of confusion. Then
search and replace the double space characters with a single space
character and a thinspace. The space-thinspace combo makes sentences
easier to scan (and discern from abbreviations) than a single space but
less obtrusive than a double space or an emspace.

In the ISO entities, a thinspace is only 1/6 em. For HTML &emsp14;
might be better than &thinsp;.

I certainly hope the additional space entities are supported soon.

David Perrell