Re: end tags...

Carl Morris (
Sun, 22 Sep 1996 15:23:50 -0500

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From: "Carl Morris" <>
To: "Murray Altheim" <>
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Subject: Re: end tags...
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 15:23:50 -0500

|     <!ENTITY % heading "H1|H2|H3|H4|H5|H6">
| [...]
|     <!ELEMENT ( %heading )  - -  (%text;)*>
| Big difference. The "- -" in H1-H6 means both start and end tags are
|     <!ELEMENT P     - O (%text)*>
| The "- O" in P means the end tag is optional. Arnoud is corrent: the
| element requires an end tag, so the given example is invalid.

See, I told people this DTD is "crap"... whats wrong wiuth REQUIRED or
OPTIONAL, no, they using numbers ... just to make sure little people
like me won't learn it...

So do you advise browsers to throw a tantraum or to be intellegent and
bypass the error knowning what was meant?

(as I said earlier, I see no reason why most all end tags can not be