Re: sgml-lex: White space in tags?

Peter Flynn (
20 Sep 1996 01:57:03 +0100

Date: 20 Sep 1996 01:57:03 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
Subject: Re: sgml-lex: White space in tags?
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[refreshing my screen to make sure I read it right this time :-]

       When doing HTML anchors (links), the closing ">" on the <A HREF...> 
       element needs to be in contact with the rest of it:

       <A HREF="/pub/join/index.html">Join EFF today</A>!


       <A HREF="/pub/join/index.html"
       >Join EFF today</A>!

       Netscape is smart enough to parse the 2nd example, but many other 
       browsers aren't.

Netscape is correct in this case. There's nothing wrong with the whitespace.

   I think this is incorrect; I hope the spec allows arbitrary white-space
   inside the < ... > delimiters.  But, it's sad but true, I can't find
   a spec for this.

Just run any decent parser over an example file. It is unfortunate
that the OSI charges for standards generated largely from public money.