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Greg A. Smith (
Tue, 03 Sep 1996 10:22:37 -0600

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Date: Tue, 03 Sep 1996 10:22:37 -0600
From: "Greg A. Smith" <>
To: Wilbur Streett <>
Subject: Re: SELECT tab

Wilbur Streett wrote:
> Greg,
> I read your message with interest..  I get the digest form, so I couldn't
> respond earlier.
Thanks for the input.

> And I agree entirely with what you have said.  I have noticed the same issue
> with the <PRE> tag around SELECTs.. and I do want to be able to use the WWW
> as a application development tool.  (I'm actually doing just that..)
If Netscape has implemented this correctly in its Windows
versions, I probably wouldn't be making this proposal.

> I agree that the SELECT implementation is flawed.. but I don't expect that
> they will do anything about it.  Given the current emphasis on Java and
> Javascript, (not to mention ActiveX), I'm sure that the answer is going to
> be...  if you don't like it, write your own in .. (pick whatever you want..)
Unfortunately, because of the absence of this functionality
in Windows, many projects have been scaled back or cancelled
altogether.  Typically a database prototype application is
developed on UNIX with the potential of being an enterprise-
wide or even world-wide application.  When it becomes clear
that this defect exists in HTML's implementation on Windows
platforms, alternatives are proposed: Java, Frames & Tables,
and proprietary, non-Web solutions.  The development effort,
time, cost, and risk suddenly see a dramatic rise.  Managers
get nervous.

Ultimately, if the project continues, it is developed as a 
less interactive or read-only web application or as a 
proprietary platform-specific application that falls far 
short of its original potential while costing much more.

> Sorry to put a damper on your suggestion..  I think it's a good one.  But
> given the current level of politics and percieved value, I don't believe
> that anyone will bother to do anything to straighten out WWW as an
> application development environment, which sort of makes our life more fun..
I believe that if people will give my case a fair hearing and really
try to understand why I am proposing it (is that asking too much?), it 
can succeed.
Gregory A. Smith