Re: Spyglass HTML Validator

Harold A. Driscoll (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 21:07:25 -0600

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Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 21:07:25 -0600
To: (Murray Altheim)
From: "Harold A. Driscoll" <>
Subject: Re: Spyglass HTML Validator

At 23:50 28/10/96 -0500, Murray Altheim wrote:
>>Murray, I'm pleased to see the announcement of the validator, but quite
>>disappointed that it only runs with Windows 95, but not Windows NT.
>>Are there technical reasons why NT is not supported? Are they something
>>which can easily be overcome? I trust that this is not just a case of
>>marketing redlining.
>Redlining only so far as our development resources for this freeware
>product were very limited, and the Validator uses Win95 resources to create
>its windows, widgets, etc. The code has an OS check in it, to make sure
>it's running under Win95, so it simply won't run under WinNT4.0, although
>it's theoretically compatible.

Thanks. I can well understand the limited development resources
concept...very dearly. :-)  You've an offer of a alpha- or beta-tester, for
NT 4.0, whenever that might be useful.

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