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Mon, 21 Oct 1996 17:18:14 (-0600)

From: Jonathan Gapen <>
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Subject: Re: Appearance and Content
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 17:18:14 (-0600)
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In "Appearance and Content", "Jason O'Brien" <> wrote=
> Even forgetting the spelling errors, if the text was not formatted  =20=

> properly, how would you ever pick this one?   Now if the other one had=
> centered text, with bold text separating different sections, justified=
> text and margins, now who's going to get the job?   They both have the=
> same content -- the appearance made the difference.   If there is to b=
e a  =20

    If basic HTML isn't formatted properly on your screen, you really ou=
ght to
dump that piece'o'crap browser you're using, and get one that works bett=
HTML was intended to mark up text structurally, and the browser should k=
how to render those structures properly.  If it can't do that, it doesn'=
t have
much claim to understanding HTML.

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