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Carl Morris (
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 13:49:15 -0500

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Subject: Re: Question: implementing a HTML
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 13:49:15 -0500

| You also should make a point to NEVER use "c:\" notation in a URL,
even for
| local use. It's a very bad habit. URLs use *forward* slashes only. If
| go to File->Open... in Navigator and select the file, Navigator's
| textbox at the top of the window should show you a proper URL for
your local
| file. Get in the habit of "file:///c/html/test.html" or whatever it
| to be on your PC. Do NOT use backslashes in a URL.

While DOS allows the other slash, its not formal to use it.  If you use
UNIX, fine, use Unix's /, but when you use a DOS computer its \.  When
you use a WWW server, its of course /, but the Windows based server I
have converts then all to \ for proper operation of the OS.  Also, with
MSIE, specifying C:/ ... will only result in a updated URL bar that has
them back the otherway (which only sometimes happens).  A URL is always
dependent of the operating system it works on, because to some,
"some/file" may not be a directory, and neither might "some\file"...
(okay, I have yet to see where)...

For a DOS user, they had better keep with using the backslash, as
someday DOS may not support the other, and many programs will not allow
a slash in paths period (I myself am responsible for that in my own
software), but if you want to use both OS types, then you might just
have to get used (like I have) of using different separators on
different machines.