Re: Internationalized CLASS attributes

Peter Flynn (
19 Oct 1996 16:47:23 +0100

Date: 19 Oct 1996 16:47:23 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
Subject: Re: Internationalized CLASS attributes
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   For example: If I wrote a Web page about HTML that contains the sentence:

       The <span class="element">P</span> element denotes a paragraph.

   I would be most unhappy if the next release of MSIE turned it
   into a hyperlink to "Potassium" in the Periodic Table because 
   some chemist wrote an RFC.

I made a completely unilateral and unauthorised addition in HTML Pro
of <element> and <attribute> so that I could more simply document some
SGML. These are not intended to be a part of a real HTML, just an
experiment. I'd rather use <var type=sgml.element> which seems to make
more sense, but until stylesheet support lets me make it fixed-width
typewriter, with "<" prepended and ">" appended, it'll have to wait.