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:>    "This book best read while sitting in a dark coffee shop dressed in
:>     mod black clothes, drinking a short cappucino with a sprinkle of
:>     dark cocoa, sprig of mint, reading "The Horseman on the Roof" by
:>     Jean Giono. You should be interspersing the reading of this book
:>     with conversations about Derrida with a dark-eyed, mysterious
:>     woman from Borneo, who seems transfixed on the mole on your neck."
:>This assumes you are a man who wears black, likes strong coffee and Giono,
:>and give a rat's patootie about Derrida. And that you're not blind. And
:>that you speak English (or French, if you're reading Giono in the
:>original). And that you read books. And that you have lips to drink the
:>coffee... [Morning cappucino buzz now wearing off...]

Don't forget the mole and the woman from Borneo, which many people
do, and hence miss the point.