Re: Spyglass HTML Validator 1.0 Availability

Paul Prescod (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 14:39:00 -0400 (EDT)

From: Paul Prescod <>
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Subject: Re: Spyglass HTML Validator 1.0 Availability
To: (Murray Altheim)
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 14:39:00 -0400 (EDT)
In-Reply-To: <v02140b09ae8c2525e9f4@[]> from "Murray Altheim" at Oct 17, 96 01:16:45 pm

> Somebody just wrote me:
> >> The real world has all sorts of variance in quality. The Web won't be any
> >> different. Just switch channels to PBS.
> >
> >The problem is that right now the Web has only two channels: Microsoft and
> >Netscape. Hopefully Spyglass etc. will change that.
> No no no. 

> Nobody in five years will care
> what browser you're using. That's why they're free now. They want to

That's my point. Five years from now we will have browsers that can do 
whatever "channel" (content type) we want. But right now we only have two
channels and they are stuck on The Shopping Network and "Fox TV".

As I said, I hope Spyglass and others will change that by making competitive
browsers that show the whole range, or by co-oopting the existing browsers
(through Java, Active-X, Plugins, whatever) to do so.

 Paul Prescod