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Thu, 17 Oct 1996 19:45:21 +0200

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Subject: Re: <a footnote="proposal">
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Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 19:45:21 +0200
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> I accept that references to drafts are undesirable, but sometimes 
> that is all there is until the draft stabilises and is published in 
> more permanant form. This can work, for example the current 
> definition of MIME registration is draft-ietf-822ext-mime-reg-04.txt 

touche - however, that didn't become "the rule" before it was approved
by the IESG, after which change of content is not allowed.
The fact that the RFC Editor has a 3-month backlog is a real problem,
but the text should be completely stable now.
(The RFC-Editor fixes pointers between internet-drafts that are handed
to him at the same time, so that they refer to the RFCs when the set
is published, BTW)

                   Harald A