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| If I were running an experiment on this, I would also add something
| stronger than the current "maybe, maybe not" language, something like:
|   A browser that wishes to participate in this experiment should:
|   - Display a toolbar listing all LINK elements from the document head
|     while viewing a document, with style depending on their REL and/or
|     REV values

It's important to not over-constrain the experimentation -- it's
inappropriate to require a toolbar, when some experimenters might want
to do floating palettes or put the links on a pop-up menu or provide
them as a menu... You want to say, as in your next paragraph, that the
browser must provide a way of offering the LINK elements to the user.

|   - Provide some means (for instance a button-3 popup) for viewing
|     the information associated with a link, including the target
|     URL and the REL and REV values
|   - Somehow differentiate display of links with REL/REV on them from
|     links without those values. (Color?)

Balloon help comes to mind for this one.


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