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Wed, 27 Nov 1996 10:11:57 -0800

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 10:11:57 -0800
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From: (Eric Holstege)
Subject: Re[2]: White letters...
To: Jonathan L Neuenschwander <>,

No it shouldn't. Most graphics printing programs on Windows (such as 
PowerPoint, which, I can assure you, has put a lot of effort into this type of 
thing) offer the user the option of printing black and white on a color 
printer. In fact, this is, I believe, a standard control on the Windows Printer 
Common Dialog. The only question is, what to map to white and what to black 
when the user selects B/W. This is not an easy question. PowerPoint appears to 
map text and line drawing oeprations to black, and fill operations to white. 
This is a sensible algorithm, but causes problems for OLE servers of PowerPoint 
which use fill operations to draw lines, so you see it is a very complicated 
problem. Netscape probably takes the reasonable approach of letting the printer 
driver decide how to map colors to B/W when printing in B/W mode. It is 
probably the printer driver that is printing all text black and honoring fill 

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Subject: Re: White letters...
Author:  Stuart Young <> at Internet
Date:    11/27/96 7:59 PM

On Tue, 26 Nov 1996, Jonathan L Neuenschwander wrote:

> > >     I have a problem in printing my WWW pages...
> > >     I've made some pages with background in BLACK and TEXT in WHITE. So 
> > > so good... but when I want to print the pages the white text don't come 
> > > in printing. Then I transform the text to Black just for printing. 
> > 
> > I think it's made it into Netscapes bug report list, but who knows.. 
> > mebbe one day they'll fix it...
> Why should it be?  Allowing those with color printers to print in color is 
> a bug??

The problem is that Netscape 'can' detect wether the printer in use is 
color/colour or monochrome, and therefore IT should automatically turn it 
on 'for' the user if it is monochrome.

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