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Jonathan L Neuenschwander (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 10:03:32 -0500 (EST)

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From: Jonathan L Neuenschwander <>
Subject: Re: White letters...
To: (Stuart Young)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 10:03:32 -0500 (EST)
In-Reply-To: <> from "Stuart Young" at Nov 26, 96 09:03:44 pm

> >     I have a problem in printing my WWW pages...
> >     I've made some pages with background in BLACK and TEXT in WHITE. So far
> > so good... but when I want to print the pages the white text don't come out
> > in printing. Then I transform the text to Black just for printing.
> Let me guess, Netscape?
> I get this thing all the time, and boy is it annoying..
> I think it's made it into Netscapes bug report list, but who knows.. 
> mebbe one day they'll fix it...

Why should it be?  Allowing those with color printers to print in color is
a bug??
> Sorry I can't help you, but it's another example of a browser that's broken.

More like an example of someone failing to RTFM.  ;-)
(Note that I fail to mention how long it took for *me* to go to the docs.  :-)

Anyway, here's what I do with NS Navigator 3.01 for Win95, other 
platforms/versions should be similar, if not identical.  Go to the File menu
and select Page Setup.  In the upper left corner is a section titled Page
Options with four checkboxes.  Check Black Text, and printing light colored
text is no longer a problem!

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