Re: HTML 3.2 PR

Carl Morris (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 19:58:56 -0600

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From: "Carl Morris" <>
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Subject: Re: HTML 3.2 PR
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 19:58:56 -0600

| I am going to pick on people with this:
| <! is a comment in HTML >
| <! -- this is a comment in SGML -- >
| Why?  An HTML parser has no business trying to figure out SGML, an
| parser being used on an HTML document on the other hand may have use
| for the declaration.  It needs to be described this way.  Calling <!
| not an HTML comment is misleading to those people who have no use for

However, it should be suggested that <! > is an HTML comment to an HTML
parser, but <!-- --> is a comment to an HTML author...  However there
are still problems with this because supposedly, SGML allows using >
within the mess without requiring it be escaped, but I am not an expert
in SGML, I just know enough to try and write a HTML parser with some