Re: Netscape and <FRAMESET>

Robert P Cunningham (
Tue, 12 Nov 96 14:05 WET

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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 96 14:05 WET
From: (Robert P Cunningham)
Subject: Re: Netscape and <FRAMESET>

>| Is there a Netscape rep here who can tell me what formula to use to
>| figure out what height and width a frame will be relative...
>There is one problem, at least in MSIE, the border is/could be OS
>dependant, and its size may never easily map into something usable... 
>HTML wasn't meant for perfect placing of items...

Plus the window and/or frames may or may not contain scrollbars...depending
upon both the amount of content, and the width and the height of
the window currently being used.  [This is almost universally overlooked
by folks who otherwise very, very carefully lay out HTML pages.]