Re: Is this an MSIE bug?

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Fri, 1 Nov 1996 13:31:14 -0800

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Subject: RE: Is this an MSIE bug?
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 13:31:14 -0800

"I'm invincible!" - "You're a loony."

Actually, the quoting had a variety of problems - but the core problem
was that commas were still terminating property values (CSS used to use
commas to separate properties, a long time ago).  Parsing unquoted
multi-word values has always been easy, due to the structure of my CSS

Chris Wilson

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>Subject:	Re: Is this an MSIE bug?
>> At the Microsoft Site Builder Conference presentation on Style Sheets
>> (on Tuesday) it was stated that style sheets SUPERCEDE <FONT> tag markup
>> so that FONT tags can be used as a "fall back" for viewing documents on 
>> browsers that don't support style sheets 
>That's useful info, thanks.
>> They also claimed to have cleaned-up the quoting issues (I think in MSIE
>> so that quotes aren't required on the font name unless it includes a ';' in
>> the name.
>Good, but they must be lunatics. Spending all that time and money to fudge
>round the parsing of unquoted multi-word arguments, when all they had to do
>was say 'use single quotes'.